Justice Prison Wall

You have to space from this prison...

use the arrow or a,s,w,d to move the player..

use E to interact with elements.

i selected 5 colors, 2 blue, 2 violet, 1 dark blue.... to fit the Game Jam limitation.

I was short of time, soo is the First level of the prison...


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Ok, I couldn't finish the game, although it looked quite interesting. My main problem was a graphical glitch... in my screen, because of all the horizontal lines, I think, the entire floor kept blinking very brightly, which made me dizzy. maybe it's some form of problem with the game engine and the way it draws? I dunno. 
Anyway, pretty cool worldbuilding and immersive music. Congrats!


Hey! I played your game, and here is a quick review

- It was entirely clear what to do in the entire level
  for example in the beginning it was clear you had to take off
  the poster and go to the other room
- It was clearly a stealth game and it was clear how the policemen
  work and how they can see you
- The game feeled interactive especially with the character who has
   something to say about many different things even when they
   don't really matter.
-  The dialogue was very well written! While dialogue is usually
   very boring I loved the intro with the doctor and the policeman
- The difficult was pretty good! Not too hard but at the end the last room where you had to get the key was a little challenging!
- It's sometimes pretty exciting to sneak past a guard!

Cons :(
- At certain times the character feeled just a little bit too slow. 
  I understand that for a stealth game it makes sense, but I would've
  made him a little faster and then the game a little harder to balance
  it out
- It's a bit short and unpolished but that isn't really anyone's fault because it's still just a game jam game, mine was a bit short aswell.

Overall I really enjoyed the game!
You can check out my game "Crazy Cubes" if you would like too but don't feel like you need too!